McNeill’s Memorial Party

A celebration of Ray McNeill and his brewery will take place a week from today, Saturday December 17th, at the Stone Church, 210 Main St. from 1 to 3 pm. Doors will open at noon.

There will be tributes and relics. There may be some special goods available- a McNeill’s beer brewed for this occasion, and classic tie-dyed McNeill’s T-shirts may appear as well. Bring your stories, songs, laughter. As Eve said, “Let’s make this epic!”

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  • Christmas Album

    While many folks welcome the Christmas season by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, for the past few years we’ve welcomed it by watching Ibrattleboro’s Christmas Album. I’ve passed word of the Album to friends, and many of them became avid viewers, as well.

    This year, though, I haven’t found it, and worry if it has disappeared into cyber space. Oh, Chris and Lise, SAY IT ISN’T SO! WE LOVE THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM, AND CHRISTMAS JUST ISN’T CHRISTMAS WITHOUT IT!

    A Sad No-See-Um

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