CRT/DVTA Sign One Year Management Agreement

ROCKINGHAM, VT The Connecticut River Transit (CRT) Board of Directors announces that it has negotiated a one-year management agreement with the Deerfield Valley Transit Association (DVTA) to become effective September 16th.

The agreement calls for the DVTA to act as a management company to provide overall management services. The DVTA reports to the CRT Board of Directors which retains full control of the company. CRT is using this period to review and take a fresh look at the company from top to bottom with the help of a neighboring transit agency. All routes, rides, and services continue uninterrupted and unaffected.

The DVTA serves a six-town area in Windham County from Wardsboro to the Massachusetts border. Nicknamed the MOOver for its Holstein-spotted buses, the DVTA operates 16 routes and does 290,000 rides annually. It was started in 1996 and is the third largest provider of fixed route rides behind only Burlington and Rutland.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has been working closely with the CRT Board in a support function as the major grantee of state and federal funds. Both agreed that the best mechanism moving forward was a one-year management agreement.

At the DVTA’s request, Rebecca Gagnon will take on the role as CRT’s General Manager. Rebecca is a former DVTA Operations Manager. She administered the Brattleboro BeeLine for several years and has a lengthy career in the transportation industry. She lives in Bellows Falls and will begin work on September 16th.

CRT Board of Directors Chair Ted Reeves said, “The CRT Board and the DVTA, in partnership with VTrans, have worked closely to take advantage of shared resources and opportunities for both companies.”

“We continue to thank the CRT staff for their dedication while we go through this transition, and we thank our riders, partners, and the public as well” says Reeves. “The staff’s effort during the past few months has been outstanding, and reinforces what a great company CRT is.”

For more information contact CRT Board President Ted Reeves at (802) 228-1959 ro Randy Schoonmaker at the DVTA (802) 464-8487.

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