Ethan Sonneborn Running For Governor

Ethan Sonneborn is running for Governor of Vermont.

As his campaign page says “I’m 13 and running for Governor of Vermont. I believe in protecting our future for young people. That’s why I’m shaking up Vermont politics.”

His issues? Universal healthcare, education, youth engagement, a worker’s bill of rights, raising the minimum wage, LGBT rights, energy and the environment.

His campaign has already asked another candidate to play fair and stay away from character attacks:

At the Ethan Sonneborn campaign, we were excited to see Vermont Electric CEO Christine Hallquist consider entering the race for governor. While we have huge admiration for Ms. Hallquist and are elated about the historical significance of a transgender United States Governor, we still believe that Ethan will be the Democratic nominee and the next governor. Christine has a long history of business success and we believe that she is our strongest competition in this race. We hope for an issue-oriented campaign and many debates. We ask Christine to make this pledge, “no character attacks on other Democrats.” It appears we have our contenders. Now we’re ready to make Vermont stronger.

Vermont has no minimum age requirement to become Governor.

This should be an interesting campaign.

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  • Ericson alleges VT Sec. of State's Office in Violation of Child Labor Laws for Allowing Children on Ballot!

    Att. Gen. TJ Donovan: define fraud or error against voters by Jim Condos, Sec. of State?

    Cris Ericson Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 10:38 PM

    Subject: To: Att. Gen. TJ Donovan, define fraud or error against voters by Jim Condos, Sec. of State?

    Dear Attorney General of Vermont,
    TJ Donovan:

    Please define fraud against voters or
    error by Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos
    because I believe he is committing fraud
    or error in his belief that a minor child
    can file a Candidate Consent Form
    and appear on the Vermont Primary
    Election Ballot as a candidate for Governor.

    Therefore my complaints, as a Vermont
    registered voter, are:

    (1) Isn’t it fraud or an error
    for the Vermont Secretary of State
    and Elections Division Offices
    to allow a minor child of age 13 or 14
    to file a candidate consent form to appear
    on the Vermont Primary Election Ballot?

    (2) Isn’t it an error or a conspiracy, with the
    minor child Ethan Sonneborn’s parents
    and the Vermont Secretary of State’s
    Elections Division, to allow a child to
    proceed as a candidate for Governor
    of Vermont because State of Vermont
    and Federal Child Labor Laws would
    prohibit the minor child boy from
    working full time?

    (3) Is it possible that all of
    the television stations that are doing
    primary election debates might be
    paid off in advance for television footage
    of the minor child boy appearing on
    television with adults in a debate for
    the office of governor of Vermont and
    if this is the case, then might they also
    be in conspiracy to violate television
    union laws if they do receive payment
    for any television footage of debates
    which include the minor boy child
    because the television industry has
    very strict union rules about appearances
    of minor children on television?

    (4) I believe that the “Candidate Consent
    Form” falls under contract laws, and that a
    minor child boy cannot sign a contract;
    but Vermont Secretary of State Jim
    Condos does not believe it is a form
    of contract; and refers me to you.

    Sincerely, Cris Ericson

    From: Cris Ericson
    Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 21:16:33 -0400
    Subject: What is VT State Attorney General Email?
    To: “Condos, Jim”

    Dear Secretary of State Jim Condos,

    I do not see any indication on the internet that a minor
    child of 13, or however soon the child boy candidate,
    Ethan Sonneborn, will turn 14,
    can give legal consent, as in a candidate consent form.

    Children generally have to have their parents’ consent,
    and no where on the Candidate Consent Form does it
    state that a Parent can sign consent for a candidate to
    run for the Office of Governor of Vermont

    [PDF] AGE OF CONSENTThe age of consent in Vermont is
    generally 16 ……/W~Michele%20Childs~Statutes
    Jan 19, 2017 … Vermont. AGE OF CONSENT
    The age of consent in Vermont is generally 16, but
    increases to 18 for certain cases in which the offender is in an …
    to provide for the
    health or welfare of minors, or guidance, leadership, instruction, or organized recreational activities for minors. (b) A person who violates …
    Vermont Legal Ages Laws – FindLaw
    Vermont Legal Ages Laws. The state of Vermont law dictates
    that any individual under the age of 18 years old is considered a minor and that in many circumstances is not capable of giving informed consent
    in most circumstances. This is also known as the “legal age” or “age of majority.”

    On 4/11/18, Condos, Jim

    Ms Ericson,
    As for your question… “Cris Ericson asks another question of Vermont
    Secretary of State Jim Condos (awaiting reply) April 10, 2018

    Do the Sec. of State and Will Senning appear to be in conspiracy to violate contract laws
    which do not allow a person under 18 to sign a valid contract, and therefore
    a minor child can not sign a candidate consent form
    17 VSA Section 2402(a);
    and if the Elections Division accepts a candidate consent form signed by a child, are they not in conspiracy to commit election fraud because a minor
    can not sign a valid contract, and a candidate consent form is a contract between the candidate and the state to perform an act of publicly listing
    that person’s name on the official election ballot?”

    The Secretary of State’s authority does not extend to
    oversight of labor laws or contract laws. The is only regarding elections and as such… ballot access.

    Absent an age requirement, anyone who submits and meets
    the required paperwork and requirements will be added to the primary ballot.

    As to whether the consent form is a “contract” – I would say no. It is only a form to allow a candidate to tell the state how they would like their name to appear on the ballot.
    17 § 2361. Consent of candidate
    (a) A candidate for whom petitions containing sufficient valid signatures have been filed shall file with the official with whom the petitions were filed a consent to the printing of the candidate’s name on the ballot. The
    Secretary of State shall prepare and furnish forms for this purpose.

    (b)(1) The consent shall set forth the name of the
    candidate, as the candidate wishes to have it printed on the ballot, the candidate’s town
    of residence, and correct mailing address.
    (2) If a candidate wishes to use a nickname, the format on the ballot shall be the candidate’s first name, the nickname set off in quotations, and the
    candidate’s last name.
    (3) Professional titles such as “Dr.,” “Esq.,” or “CPA” shall not be used as part of a candidate’s name on the ballot.
    (c) The consent shall be filed on or before the day petitions are due. Unless a consent is filed, the candidate’s name shall not be printed on the primary ballot.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding labor laws and contract laws – I
    refer you to the Attorney General’s office.

    [Vermont-coat-of-arms][Jim Condos Secretary of State State of Vermont]
    128 State Street
    Montpelier, VT 05633-1101
    p: 802-828-2148
    f: 802-828-2496

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