Vermont Senate Committee on Finance – Vermont Telecommunications Plan

If you want to learn how Vermont is going to have 100Mbps broadband available to most residents by 2020 (or actually why it very probably will not), which was the goal of Vermont’s 10 year Telecommunications Plan in 2014, watch this video. The second speaker, starting at around 50
minutes in, is particularly interesting and he provides a lot of researched results on the failings of the previous “plan” (which seems to have basically been a legal requirement to develop a plan, which was ignored due to a lack of legal enforcement and funding):

Senate Committee on Finance – Vermont Telecommunications Plan

2 hours and 32 minutes to watch the whole thing.

Here’s the 2014 Vermont Telecommunications Plan that they are discussing:

From page 11:

Broadband Speed. Every address in Vermont should have broadband
Internet access with the minimum technical requirements of 4 megabits
per second (Mbps) download and 1 Mbps upload. By year end 2020, a
majority of addresses in Vermont should have access to the Internet at
speeds of at least 100 Mbps symmetrical, and every address should have
access to speeds of at least 10 Mbps download. By 2024, every address
should have broadband with minimum technical requirements of 100
Mbps symmetrical.

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