158th Fighter Wing F-35A Flyover Friday

Governor Scott has announced that F-35A  fighter planes will be flying over Vermont municipalities on Friday, May 22. They take off at noon in Burlington and will fly for 90 minutes, over Bennington, Berlin, Brattleboro, Burlington, Essex Junction, Middlebury, Morrisville, Newport, Randolph, Rutland, Springfield, St Albans, St Johnsbury, Townshend, White River Junction, and Windsor.

This is billed as a salute to health care workers and front-line COVID-19 responders and essential workers.

I was once surprised by a flyover in Boston to salute the Red Sox. There was no warning that the stealth bombers would be there, and when the planes came over, low, it sounded so loud as if they were about to crash into the neighborhood. I was very close to jumping under a mattress for protection.  The planes set off car alarms, and everyone came out to try to figure out what had happened. Later in the day we found out about the Sox flyover.

So, I give you this warning of loud planes so that you can expect them, and not freak out.

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