Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting Articles

Below you’ll find a handy guide to the Town’s half of the Town Meeting Articles (the Schools half I couldn’t find; if you have it add it in the comments).

Brattleboro’s Representative Town Meeting is Saturday at the high school on Fairground Road. BCTV will be there covering the events of the day, and we’ll be streaming their signal here so you can observe and make comments from the proverbial peanut gallery.

Preliminary Motion 1 & 2 allows Town and School staff to site in the reserved section, and allows the electronic media to remain in the reserved section.

(School Articles)

Article 10 – To act on the Auditor’s report (ie, accept it.)

Article 11 – To elect two representatives to the Capital Grant Review Board for a term of one year.

Article 12 – To authorize the Town and Town School District to employ Certified Public Accountant. 

Article 13, 14, 15 – To confirm Annette Cappy as Town Clerk, John O’Connor as Town Treasurer, and Fisher and Fisher as Town Attorney for another year.

Article 16 – To elect Pam Becker, Stephen Frankel, and Jane Southworth to the Brooks Memorial Library Board of Trustees.

Article 17 – To set salaries for Town officers (Selectboard $3,000; Chair $5,000) and allow them to set salaries for other town officers.

Article 18 – To see if the Town will appropriate up to $765,000 from the Unassigned Fund Balance as of June 10, 2012 for the purpose of funding capital improvements outlined in the FY14 Capital Improvement Plan.

Article 19 – To see if the Town will appropriate up to  $172,000 from the Unassigned Fund Balance as of June 30, 2012 for the purpose of replacing two compressors at the skating rink.

Article 20 – The budget. Authorizes raising and spending of $14,686,697 in FY14.

Article 21 – DID Assessment. Authorizes raising and spending of $78,000 through special assessments in the Downtown Improvement District.

Article 22 – Mountain Home Park Special Tax District. Authorizes raising and spending of $223,276.47 through special assessments in Mountain Home Park.

Article 23 – Human Services. Authorizes raising and spending $131,660 to support human service programs and facilities.

Article 24 – To raise and spend $10,000 to assist Brattleboro Climate Protection in FY14.

Article 25 – To see if the Town will designate Brattleboro as a Property Assessed Clean Energy Special Assessment District (PACE)

Article 26 – Any other business…

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  • Article 21 Amendment Proposed

    There is also a proposes amendment to Article 21 being proposed:

    ARTICLE 21
    DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT: To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $78,000 through special assessments on properties within the Downtown Improvement District (as approved by Town Meeting March 19, 2005 and as delineated in the Town ordinance entitled “Municipal Act to Establish and Regulate the Downtown Improvement District”) to be used for capital and operating costs of projects of the Town’s duly designated downtown organization to include the continued operation of the Robert H. Gibson River Garden through Fiscal Year 2014, and to authorize the Town Meeting Moderator to appoint a Committee to work with Building a Better Brattleboro to find an organization or manager to maintain the River Garden as a public space for the benefit of all residents and organizations of the Town and the Region. The Committee shall report back to Town Meeting in March of 2014 on its progress and provide recommendations.


  • What?

    Does anyone have more information on this?
    “Article 22 – Mountain Home Park Special Tax District. Authorizes raising and spending of $223,276.47 through special assessments in Mountain Home Park.”

    • Water and Sewer lines

      The Article doesn’t say much other than mentioning the “Mountain Home Park Special Benefit Assessment Tax District” for the “purpose of paying debt service on the capital improvements to the water and sewer lines serving Mountain Home and Deepwood Mobile Home Parks.”

      I’m assuming this relates to the recent water/sewer improvements out there?

      • I'm not Understanding?

        We are already committed to a huge yearly payment on these improvements for several years. The last update I had was that one had been missed after the additional cost brought by Irene; I recall it being in front of the SB. I’m wondering if this assessment is to the park as a whole, or to individual residents? All the rents here had been previously adjusted to take into account the difference of a conversion to pay for water/sewer on an individual basis, which also translated to an small increase in rent that I thought was intended for the purpose of the new debt.
        Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next but it sounds like an increase to individuals here one way or another.

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