Brattleboro Board and Committee Vacancies

Terms of many Brattleboro committees and boards expire on June 30 of each year. The Town is looking for volunteers to serve on the following committees and boards:

Agricultural Advisory Board – 6 vacancies, 3-year term
Arts Committee – 4 vacancies, 3-year term
BASIC (Brattleboro Area Skatepark is Coming) – 2 vacancies
Brattleboro Housing Authority Representative – 1 vacancy, 5-year term
CPCC (Citizen Police Communications Committee) – 3 vacancies, 2-year term
Conservation Commission – 1 vacancy, 4-year term
Development Review Board – 2 vacancies, 3-year term
Development Review Board Alternate – 3 vacancies, 1-year term
Energy Committee – 2 vacancies for 3-year terms; 2 vacancies for 2-year terms
Energy Coordinator – 1 vacancy, 1-year term
Fence Viewer (by statute, must be legal voter of the Town) – 3 vacancies, 1-year term
Honor Roll Committee – 3 vacancies, 1-year term
Inspector, Lumber Shingles & Wood – 1 vacancy, 1-year term
Planning Commission – 2 vacancies, 4-year terms
Recreation & Parks Board – 1 vacancy, 3-year term
Rescue, Inc. Trustee – 1 vacancy, 1-year term
Senior Solutions Representative – 2 vacancies, 1-year term
SEVCA Representative – 1 vacancy, 1-year term
Town Service Officer – 1 vacancy, 1-year term
Traffic Safety Committee – 1 citizen vacancy for 2-year term; 1 School Board vacancy for 2-year term
Tree Advisory Committee – 2 vacancies, 3-year terms
West River Park Committee – 1 vacancy
Weigher of Coal – 1 vacancy, 1-year term

The Selectboard will make first appointments at its June 4 meeting. The deadline to submit applications for the June 4 meeting is Wednesday, May 29 at 12:00 noon. The Selectboard may make additional appointments at its June 18 meeting. The deadline to submit applications for the June 18 meeting is Wednesday, June 12 at 12:00 noon.

Applications and more information about committees and boards can be found on the Brattleboro website,, or by calling the Town Manager’s office (251-8151). If you are a Brattleboro resident and interested in serving on a Brattleboro committee or board, please submit your application on-line, or send an e-mail to the Town Manager’s office –, or mail or deliver it to:

Brattleboro Town Manager, Attn: Committee Vacancy, 230 Main Street, Suite 208, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Citizen involvement is important to our Town. The Selectboard and staff encourage citizens to become involved. Please consider serving on a board or committee.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager’s Office
(802) 251-8100

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  • Worthwhile

    I’ve put my application in for Fence Viewer again.

    Last year we had a real, live fence to view. It was the first in 20+ years, according to the Town Clerk.

    • Nominated!

      I nominate iBrattleboro as Town Service Representative, tho I must admit I know neither who the Town Service Representative serves nor what they represent. My hope and expectation is that this is left up to the candidate selected by the Selectboard (herein lies proof of their title, eh?).

      I would lobby for the new Town Service Representative to serve in the role of promoting and facilitating joyful, uplifting and emotionally intelligent discourse between citizens of wildly divergent sensibilities, anger management skill levels and articulatenesses.

      Is that a word — articulatenesses? Clearly this is not a role for me.

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