Donna Macomber Joins Brattleboro Selectboard

Donna Macomber was unanimously selected to fill the vacancy on the Brattleboro Selectboard at a special meeting Thursday evening.

She and Michael Bosworth were nominated after being interviewed; Ian Kiehle and Steve Cormier were not nominated. Kate O’Connor thanked all who applied. “We were really lucky to have four really good people interested.”

During her interview Macomber said she hoped to bring energy and excitement to the board, as well as humility, emotional intelligence, a “beginner’s mind,” and an ability to make decisions.

Macomber has worked for over 20 years with the Women’s Freedom Center, and volunteers with Hospice helping parents who have lost children.

She said there were “no town issues that didn’t interest” her, but also that she has a passion for firefighters and farmers. “We have the resources we need to work magic, but it takes being mindful and creative,” she said.

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  • Donna is one of the best

    Donna is one of the best listeners I have ever encountered in my life. This is a great choice and I truly wish her well in this position.

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