Button-Up Vermont Day of Action Oct. 5

Spring has long been the time when Vermonters Green Up, and this fall, for the first time, Vermonters will be encouraged to “Button Up.” On Saturday, October 5th, Vermonters have a powerful opportunity to participate in a local effort — or start one! — and lend a few hours to help friends and neighbors take actions to lower their energy bills this winter.

Modeled after Vermont’s successful “Green Up Day” and building on the familiar Button Up brand, this will be the first ever grassroots day of action on weatherization in Vermont. The day is being spearheaded by the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN), in partnership with Efficiency Vermont and Vermont Home Energy Challenge Coordinators, and is aimed at mobilizing as many volunteers as possible in communities throughout the state to take steps — large and small — to help Vermonters stop wasting energy and money and reduce our contribution to climate change. There is still plenty of time for towns to sign on to the effort, and VECAN will provide support and guidance to help make participating as easy as possible.

“As winter approaches, we hope to inspire more people to get their friends and neighbors thinking about — and taking action on — tightening up their homes,” said VECAN Coordinator Johanna Miller. “Every year, many Vermont homeowners waste hard-earned dollars because their homes are inefficient and leaky. Button Up Vermont Day of Action is intended to be a fun, collaborative, community-driven effort to arm more people with the information, incentives and path they need to stop wasting energy and start saving money.”

“Weatherizing your home is good for the environment and good for our community”, said Paul Cameron, Director of Brattleboro Climate Protection and regional coordinator for the Vermont Home Energy Challenge. “It reduces carbon pollution and our reliance on foreign oil, while saving money and making our homes more comfortable.”
According to Cameron, members of the Brattleboro Energy Committee and other community volunteers will be going door-to-door on October 5 to spread the word about special incentives that are available to help residents weatherize their homes. “In addition to a discount on an energy audit, homeowners can receive up to $2,600 in incentives from Efficiency Vermont”, Cameron said.

Jim Merriam, Director of Efficiency Vermont, which is collaborating with VECAN on this year’s Vermont Home Energy Challenge, notes that where energy efficiency is concerned, lots of small actions can add up to a big impact: “Vermont has long been a leader on energy efficiency, but we still have a long way to go in meeting our state’s home energy goals,” he said. “Button Up day will be a chance to celebrate our communities – and take real actions to move the state forward while helping Vermonters save money on their energy bills this winter.”
To learn more about Button Up Vermont Day of Action and to volunteer a few hours October 5 visit www.vecan.net/buttonupvermontday/. If you would like to be a local organizer you can contact Keil Corey at kcorey@vnrc.org or 223-2328 x118.

For more information about the Vermont Home Energy Challenge, contact Paul Cameron at 251-8135 or pcameron@brattleboro.org, or visit www.brattleboroenergychallenge.org.

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