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From the (newly renovated) Brattleboro Police website (http://www.brattleboropolice.org/press):

3/28/2018 0 Comments

Officer Washburn

On March 25, 2018 at approximately 9:09 am. Officers from the Brattleboro Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of High St. and Green St. for a tractor trailer truck that had struck a building on High St. and became stuck. High St. was shut down for approximately 1 hour. A’s towing arrived on scene and removed the vehicle from the roadway.


I walked up Green Street Extension from High St. and found there is no warning to trucks or vehicles over a certain tonnage that this street might be restricted.

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  • Weight?

    Was it the weight that was the issue? Seems like the size might have the issue, perhaps width?

    Another thought – and I don’t recall myself – are trucks warned further out that downtown has limits?

  • Truck Struck and Stuck Into Building?

    I’m trying to picture which building and how stuck. Chris once slid into a snowbank where Havilands lot begins (the car refused to take sides at the fork in the road….)

  • In Reply

    1) I walked home a different way today, so I did not check if there is a warning sign where Western Ave/High St and Green St intersect.

    2) The building which was struck was at (lower) High St at the intersection of Green St. across the street from Hermit Thrush.

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