Brattleboro Arts Committee Meeting Agenda

The Brattleboro Arts Committee will meet on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 1:00pm in the Hanna Cosman Meeting Room at the Municipal Center.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager’s Office
230 Main Street, Suite 208
Brattleboro, VT  05301
(802) 251-8100

 Brattleboro Arts Committee 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 1:00pm 

Hanna Cosman Meeting Room, Suite 211 

Municipal Center, 230 Main Street 


1. Convene Meeting with Quorum Check 

2. Member Introductions 

3. A Briefing from Town Manager Peter Elwell (a) Committee Relationship to Selectboard and Town Staff (b) Open Meeting Law 

4. Election of Officers 

(unless the Committee decides to postpone electing officers until the full membership is present) (a) Chair (b) Vice Chair (c) Clerk 

5. Approve Minutes from Last Meeting (September 12, 2017) 6. Review the Mission and Vision of the Arts Committee 

7. Review Public Art Policies 

8. Discuss Timing for Review of Recently Proposed Projects (a) Welcome to Brattleboro Project – T. Namaya 

(b) River Wall Project – Elizabeth Billings, Evie Lovett, and Andrea Wasserman 

(c) Mural on Wall at Pliny Park – Brattleboro West Arts (d) Traveling Display of Papier Mache Creatures with Disabilities – Inclusion Center 

9. Public Participation 

10. Date/Time/Location of Next Meeting 

11. Adjournment

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