Selectboard Meetings Notes – Summer Haiku Edition – Parking, Prevention, and Licenses

Because it is summer, and hot, and we’re all tired, this week’s selectboard meeting notes will be provided to you in traditional 5-7-5 haiku form. Same news, just barely any details! Your overview:


Brattleboro board

Hot summer night in August

Nickels and dimes ya



Covered bridge covered

with scrub brush blocking beauty

Cut it! says DeGray


Old folks can lifeguard

to keep open pool until

summer ends – DeGray.


Panhandling must

be on the agenda soon!

Is severe problem.


Drug lords and cartels

could come here. Nick says legal

drugs could prevent it.


Downtown Parking

The new parking plan

will come at a greater cost

than current parking.


There are few Vermont

towns that regulate parking.

“A limited club.”


We must increase rates

to cover the extra fees

and maintenance cost.


No ADA spots

available on Main Street.

It’s a big problem!


Prevention Coalition

Holloway looks out

for liquor compliance checks

and updates the board.


Planning and zoning

are areas of interest

of the preventers.


Yes! Very concerned

about what kids think of pot.

“They think it heals you.”


CBD is sold

across from Boys & Girls Club.

The proximity.


Capital Equipment

Public Works buys stuff:

Trucks, trailer, excavator

and a sidewalk plow.


Uber/Lyft Licensing

Brattleboro, soon

a taxi is a taxi.

Level playing field!


AirBnB, though,

is a much bigger concern.

The need to inspect!


Fire Inspections

Brattleboro will

soon follow State rental code.

It’s more efficient.


Heating Oil

Discount Oil of Keene

Two point two eight nine per gallon

More than expected.


Why the same amount

as last year if we’ve done the

energy upgrades?


Tell us to get off 

fossil fuels, says Elwell. We’ll

do cost estimate.


Committee Appointments

With Rod Francis gone

Sue Fillion appointed

to take over work.


In Conclusion

I took notes throughout

If you have any questions

I will take requests.


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  • Nice report format!

    This is great. Do you think I should write all of my newspaper articles in haiku? I’m sure Jeff and Randy won’t mind. haha.

    Thanks for the much-needed chuckle.


    • I can, and might....

      I might keep doing it this way. Not easy. Still had to watch and take notes.

      I hope I didn’t throw off all the reporters who use our reporting to guide their reporting… : )

      Amazed that no one has any questions, and haiku suffices for news. Interesting test of readers.

  • Short-Attention-Span Theater

    Maybe iBrattleboro readers are Twitter-trained! You did go over the 140/280 limit, I think.

    Yeah, where are the questions? Perhaps those with questions are watching the video on BCTV.

    A certain reporter still finds your guide helpful, by the way. 🙂

  • "They think it heals you"

    I found it disturbing that the prevention coalition wants to take on marijuana education but is clearly uninformed on the subject:

    – They were worried about the proximity to the Boys & Girls Club of a store selling legal medicine (CBD).
    – They had enough time and resources to go talk to the store about it, but didn’t have funding to educate the kids about CBD(?)
    – They were worried that kids knew that marijuana could be used recreationally and as medicine – which is true. Smart kids!

    Canada is going through a massive effort to reduce alcohol use by making marijuana widely available in as many forms as possible. Brattleboro appears to be preparing to re-film Reefer Madness for new audiences.

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