Brattleboro Purple Garbage Bags – Clearing Up Confusion

The manufacturer of the Town’s Pay-As-You-Throw garbage bags recently sent purple bags intended for Portland, Maine, to Brattleboro retailers. That has caused some understandable confusion for customers and for Triple-T, the Town’s solid waste hauler. Compounding this confusion is the fact that the Portland bags (30.6 gallons) are slightly smaller than the Brattleboro bags (33.5 gallons). Customers who have ended up with Portland bags instead of Brattleboro bags have two options: 

1. Use the Portland bags. 

Triple-T will pick them up as if they were Brattleboro bags. 

2. Return unused Portland bags to be exchanged for Brattleboro bags. 

If you choose this option, please contact the Town Treasurer’s Office at 802-251-8153,, or, to arrange for the exchange. 

WasteZero (the bag manufacturer) and the Town of Brattleboro apologize for this inconvenience. 



Town Manager’s Office

230 Main Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 251-8151

FAX (802) 257-2322 

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