Brattleboro Face Coverings Required

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TO: Local Media Date: November 24, 2021

From: Town Managers Office


For Immediate Release:

At its November 23 meeting, the Brattleboro Selectboard passed a resolution
that established a rule requiring that face coverings be worn by all employees, customers, and visitors in any store, office, or other indoor setting where the public is invited. The adoption of this rule was made possible by the State of Vermont authorizing municipal legislative bodies to adopt rules requiring individuals to wear face coverings while indoors at locations open to the public. The Vermont Legislature passed a bill to that effect in special session on November 22 and Governor Scott signed the bill into law on November 23.

A sign is attached to this news release and local businesses are encouraged to post this sign on their entrances to create consistent messaging for the public on this matter.

Here is the full text of the Selectboard’s November 23 resolution:

Be it resolved by the Selectboard of the Town of Brattleboro, Vermont, as follows:



WHEREAS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that
face coverings be worn by all people (vaccinated and unvaccinated) in public settings
indoors in areas of “substantial” or “high” rates of “community transmission” of the
COVID19 virus; and

WHEREAS, Windham County is experiencing a high rate of community transmission
and has been for more than a month; and

WHEREAS, all of Vermont is experiencing a high rate of community transmission and has
been since October 29, 2021; and

WHEREAS, the Brattleboro Selectboard recognizes that COVID19 remains a public
health hazard in and around Brattleboro and believes that wearing a face covering
indoors is an important act we all can do to reduce the further spread of COVID19; and

WHEREAS, in a special Legislative session called explicitly and solely for this purpose,
the Vermont Legislature on November 22, 2021, passed a bill (“S.1”) that empowers
Vermont municipalities to enact local rules requiring the wearing of face coverings in
indoor public settings, and the Governor has signed that bill into law.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this Selectboard hereby issues the
following COVID19 Rule:


Requirement to Wear Face Covering.

All establishments located in the Town of Brattleboro that invite the public into their
premises for the purpose of receiving services, purchasing products, or otherwise
transacting business, shall require both staff and customers (or visitors) to wear cloth
face coverings or face shields over their nose and mouth while inside the establishment.


Cloth face coverings are not required on young children under age 5 and should

not be placed on anyone who has trouble breathing or anyone who is unconscious,
incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

Posting of Requirement.

Each establishment is individually responsible to post signage at the entrance

and at other appropriate locations stating that customers (or visitors) are required

to wear face coverings by order of the Brattleboro Selectboard. (A standard sign is
provided by the Town and attached to this Resolution.)

Effective Period.

This Rule shall take effect immediately and shall remain in effect until the Brattleboro
Selectboard amends, rescinds, or suspends this Rule by future action in a properly
warned meeting or when an action taken by the State of Vermont nullifies this Rule

or the Selectboard’s authority to continue this Rule, whichever occurs first. In the interim,
the Selectboard intends to review this matter at every regularly scheduled Selectboard
meeting on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Adopted by the Brattleboro Selectboard at its meeting on November 23, 2021.

Face Coverings Are Required

In All Public Establishments

In The Town Of Brattleboro.

Thank You

For Your Cooperation.

Were All In This Together.

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