Noticed Around Brattleboro – Summer 2024

Summer 2024 has begun with hot weather and big thunderstorms, and we start another seasonal post for you to add to at any time.  If you hear something or see something interesting, make a note of it for history’s sake.  No need to write any more than a sentence here, though readers like to have words to look at. : )

To start:

• NECCA has the red and white striped circus tent up at the entryway. A sure sign of summer.

• TOTH still closed. (Someone should do a summer pop-up shop at the former Top of the Hill Grill, selling popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, and cool drinks. Show circus act videos outdoors at night, like a mini drive-in, or let people watch some NECCA practice/shows.)

• There will be discussion of what to do about the Esteyville bandstand. (Related to that and the above, it is time to form a real circus band that can play real circus music. The talent is around here. Needs organizing and some structure.)

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  • Broad Brook Community Center

    Broad Brook Community Center in Guilford got a 2024 preservation award!

    “Broad Brook Community Center, Guilford, VT

    For extensive renovations of and bringing new vitality to the 19th century grange building, a 2024 Preservation Award goes to Broad Brook Community Center, Inc., Stevens & Associates, P.C., and Mathes Hulme Builders.”

    Watch the video:

  • Losing hair

    Salon Jacquie no longer downtown.

  • On High Street there is no beer, that's why we drink it... on Elliot.

    The former downtown community space with public restrooms – the River Garden – is papered over and closed. (Remember when Brattleboro selectboard members praised the Whetstone Brewery folks for taking it over? They also gave a loan so they could have a food truck…. in Dummerston.)

    Hermit Thrush is closed. (Remember when Brattleboro selectboard members praised Hermit Thrush, and the town almost elected one of the owners?)

    West Dover establishment (by way of CT) “Snow Republic Brewing Company” has a sign in the window of the former bank at Elliot and Main saying they plan to open there. (Rinse, repeat.)

  • Harmony Underground going out of business

    It’s been downtown since I’ve got here, always a tremendous attitude from the staff, will be sorry to see it go.

    Perhaps the competition from the Void was too stiff.

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