River Garden RFP Information Now Available

Building a Better Brattleboro today published its formal call for proposals concerning the Robert Gibson River Garden on its new website, www.brattleboro.com.

In the event you have difficulty navigating from the home page, the direct link to the RFP page is here.

Documents on that page include the River Garden Operational Information.

and, Rental Usage Information.

Rental rate sheets are also provided.

The webpage further advises that “To receive an electronic copy of the RFP, please provide the requested information …. You may also make arrangements for a hard copy of the RFP document to be provided to you by calling 257-4886. By supplying BABB with your contact information you will be notified if it becomes necessary to update any part of the RFP.” A web form is provided for that purpose.

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  • Sorry to be so negative in my

    Sorry to be so negative in my response, but…

    I find it unfortunate that BaBB is requesting email addresses to send the RFP to, though I do understand their desire to be able to update people if updates are necessary. How about a choice: if you want to be on the update list, send your email, but if not, how about a link for those of us who are just curious? I don’t think it is BaBB’s business who wants to just look at the RFP.

    I also am sorry to post a negative comment about the new website, but the picture chosen to represent an open business looks more like a picture to represent a run down place that isn’t really open for business and they just forgot to take their open sign down.

    Finally, I would have sent these concerns privately to BaBB first and given them a chance to respond, but there was no email listed for them on their website.

  • What they are looking for...

    Here’s the description of what’s being requested:

    BaBB is soliciting proposals from individuals or organizations interested in managing, operating, or owning the River Garden. Any option that contributes to the long term vitality of Downtown will be given careful consideration by the Board of Directors.

    I emphasized the “or” there. It appears BaBB is willing to continue to own it under certain circumstances. That’s a change from just a couple of months ago.

    • What they are looking for ...

      In re: cgrotke’s comment concerning the “or,” let me note I appreciate his highlighting this.

      Perhaps this will enable individuals to coalesce around a proposal.

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