Tear The Roof Off, and Carefully Set It Over Here

The former location of First Run Video is getting a bit of a makeover. The roof has been carefully taken off and left in the parking lot in front of the building. 

Folks standing around said they’ve heard the plan is to add an additional story to the structure.

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  • Cool

    I drove by before and thought from the holes in the roof that it looked like they were prepping it to be lifted. Wish I’d seen them actually doing it!

    I heard something about a second story being added too…does anyone know what business is going in there?

  • wow

    now that’s recycling!

  • Recycling...

    Actually, one of the owners told me yesterday when I stopped to take pictures that all but two walls of it were going into the trash. Just about everything you see here is going. There will be a completely new structure built here for Advantage Dental. Too time consuming and expensive to ‘recycle’ it…

    • bumma

      My bad. I assumed when I saw the photo and read they were adding a second story they were going to plop the roof back on. I thought it would be challenging but, not being a builder, it seemed plausible to me if someone else was doing it.

      • Re-use

        It was rather carefully removed and set down. You can’t quite see from these photos, but it is also cut in half (the cut being about where the front center doors used to be).

        Putney Road sure is hopping with construction work. The ex-movie theater space seems to be being cleared out on the inside with bulldozers, but like the ex-video rental store, walls are remaining (at least for now).

  • First Run bldg. roof

    Just a thank you for taking & sharing these photos, I really appreciate pictures of what’s happening around/throughout town.
    I like having explanations of what & why-so that when I do go past the place, I don’t have to be all like “Huh ? What the heck is going on there ?”

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