I-91 Brattleboro Bridge Replacement Project Update – Week of September 22, 2013


Single lane closure of the passing lane on I-91 Northbound and Southbound may begin on 9/26/13. The lane closures will remain in effect during the construction of the temporary cross-overs, but will be removed over the weekend when no workers are present.

Route 30

Speed reduction on Route 30 will be implemented lowering the speed limit through the work zone to 40 mph. The reduced speed limit will remain in effect until approximately August, 2016.

Truck activity at Route 30 will be increasing next week. Expect shoulder closures beginning Thursday 9/26. Flaggers may have to halt traffic at times to allow trucks to enter and exit the work zone.

Upper Dummerston Road

No impacts anticipated for the week of September 22.

Cindy Cook, Public Relations Officer, Adamant Accord, Inc. ccook@adamantaccord.com.

West River Trail

Truck activity on the West River Trail may begin to increase. Closures of the trail may begin on Thursday 9/26/13 to begin trail modifications that are necessary to accommodate construction operations. It is expected that the trail will be open for the weekend of 9/28 & 9/29.

West River

No impacts anticipated for the week of September 22.

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