Brattleboro Stormwater Study

The Town of Brattleboro, Department of Public Works is working with Watershed Consulting Associates from Burlington, VT to complete a study in the local watershed. The study is designed to find and eliminate potential sources of water pollution linked to non-stormwater discharges into stormwater systems, such as those from sanitary sewers or leaking septic systems. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will use grant funds from the Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) to fund this study.

On October 27th, residents can expect to see employees from Watershed Consulting Associates traversing the Whetstone Brook and tributaries from Main Street to West Brattleboro sampling stormwater system outfall pipes and analyzing effluent for various water quality parameters, such as phosphorous and E. coli, to determine if a stormwater system may have non-stormwater discharges coming into it. If any pollution indicators are found, the contractors will work closely with the Town and State of Vermont’s DEC to resolve the issue. The ultimate goal of this work is to help eliminate potential sources of pollution that reach bodies of water in the State of Vermont. As many of these bodies of water are important amenities for recreation as well as sources of drinking water, eliminating potential pollutants benefits the entire community and protects natural ecosystems.

For questions or concerns, contact Stephen Barrett, Director of Public Works, at 802-254-4255 or e-mail

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  • Vigilance of water supplies

    In light of what happened in Bennington, with Teflon industrial waste pollution into the water supply, vigilance of water supplies (including water borne habitats), as well as stormwater runoff, is urgent. By the time it was discovered significant water pollution had already taken place.

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