New Traffic Pattern at Canal Street and South Main Street

On January 18, 2022, the Selectboard voted to change the traffic pattern at the intersection of Canal Street and South Main Street to include a stop sign for NORTHBOUND traffic.  This new stop sign was installed by DPW staff today and the traffic pattern change is now in effect.  The stop sign in the northbound lane is a flashing stop sign, and there is a pedestrian crossing signal in the southbound lane that is also a flashing sign.  As soon as weather permits the stop bar will be painted.  

This change in traffic pattern was recommended by staff and the Traffic Safety Committee and will make it safer for pedestrians who use the crosswalk to cross Canal Street at the intersection with South Main Street. It also will allow drivers who want to turn from Canal Street southbound onto South Main Street to have sufficient room to make that turn. These improved conditions are intended to be permanent and will also be particularly important during the upcoming detour of all Vernon Street traffic onto South Main Street as part of the Hinsdale Bridge construction project during 2022. The ordinance amendment: Brattleboro Code of Ordinance, Appendix C, Section 16-70, Stop Signs, Add “Canal Street at South Main Street” can be found on the Town’s website, 

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Department of Public Works at (802) 254-4255.   

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  • I sure hope this improves the situation

    I’ve walking around town for years and years and this intersection is quite hostile to pedestrians.

    It’s the inclines that make it so dangerous. Often pedestrians cross far away from the crosswalk merely to avoid as much uphill as possible.

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