Governor Phil Scott, You Flunk!

Governor Phil Scott needs to concentrate on keeping people in Vermont!

Apparently Governor Phil Scott has his mind set on bringing new people to Vermont while simultaneously frightening and threatening existing Vermonters and making them want to move!

I am 65 and I will be 66 soon, on a fixed income, and I qualify for “Lifeline” telephone.  I received a letter from VTEL stating that my benefit would be cut off if I didn’t send them I.D. to prove my age, etc.

I called and was informed that my “Lifeline” benefit had already been cut off PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE LETTER
THEY SENT.  I was shocked and asked for the supervisor who agreed to receive the necessary documentation by text message photos of my I.D., etc. 

Today I received a letter stating other benefits like Medicaid (supplements Medicare) would be cut off because they did not receive documentation by March 6th. The letter requesting documentation was dated near the very end of February and my forms were sent CERTIFIED RETURN RECEIPT on March 2nd. Why did the State of Vermont only provide a few days from the end of February to March 6th to get my driveway shovelled out of snow and go to the Chester, VT 05143  library with a photo copy machine, knowing the library is only open every other day?  AND MY CERTIFIED RETURN RECEIPT PROVES they received all my forms and documentation on March 2nd prior to the final date of March 6th!

Why is Governor Phil Scott trying so hard to scare disabled people and senior citizens out of Vermont?

Social Security is a federal benefit, now multiply the number of low income senior citizens times their Social Security benefit and you see that  Governor Phil Scott is draining the State of Vermont of that income that goes into the local community!

Multiply the federal food stamp dollars and federal Medicaid dollars and federal fuel assistance dollars and all that will be lost if all of the low income senior citizens pack up their bags and leave Vermont!

Federal funds for food stamps feed low income Vermonters and children and babies and senior citizens and provide the money necessary to hire grocery store clerks and pay truck drivers!

Governor Phil Scott, YOU FLUNK ARITHMETIC!

Now, I have to call the State of Vermont benefits office in WATERBURY, VT on Monday and then if they still falsely state that they did not receive my forms then I will go to the police and the F.B.I. and show them the certified return receipt card which was signed by a person working at the State of Vermont office in Waterbury, VT.

Governor Phil Scott, YOU FLUNK!

My name is Cris Ericson, and my domain might not work at the moment but it will work soon or in a few days.  My 2018 political campaign volunteer did not answer my email for a couple days and then I found out on facebook that he’s working with other people to start a new minor political party in Vermont, which is obviously a conflict of interest to my 2018 campaign.  But, I’ll be up and running soon, as soon as I can get my driveway clear, but my wrist is sore from shovelling out the mail box.  I’ll get around to it. I’m not dead yet!

Oh, and one more thing, the supervisor at VTEL seemed to think it was O.K. to cut me off of “Lifeline” telephone benefit because I’m a political candidate?  Excuse me, what are they NOT teaching in Vermont schools?  Political candidates DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONLY RICH PEOPLE!!! And poor people, even poor senior citizens, have a right to apply for a job!  Running for political office is a job search, a campaign to get elected is a campaign to secure employment!  You actually get a paycheck if you get elected!  (Then you don’t qualify for benefits).

And, one more gripe, if I am left on hold for 45 minutes and then cut off, and then left on hold for another 45 minutes when I call the State of Vermont benefits office in Waterbury on Monday, then think about this, how many people will be treated in the same shabby way?  GOVERNOR PHIL SCOTT, YOU FLUNK!

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