Bernie: Before Biden Goes to Saudi Arabia, Introduce Your Yemen War Powers Resolution

Despite Pres. Biden’s pledge to “end U.S. support for the disastrous Saudi-led war in Yemen” and treat the Saudi regime as a “pariah,” he plans to go to Saudi Arabia in July amid soaring U.S. gas prices. Through more than 7 years and 3 American presidents, the U.S. continues to enable this humanitarian crisis of staggering proportions, backing the Saudi and UAE regimes’ war on Yemeni civilians. Our Senator Bernie Sanders has been a key leader in multiple attempts by Congress to end our involvement in this catastrophe.

Bernie’s focus is needed in the current drive to get a new Yemen War Powers Resolution (WPR) introduced in the Senate and passed in Congress. If this foreign-imposed hell were happening here, 3.7 million Americans would have perished. Three-fourths of our residents would need food aid; two-thirds would have no access to health care or clean water. Due to Ukraine’s war, “acute hunger in Yemen is expected to increase five-fold,” said the United Nations. On relief and violence-ending efforts for Yemenis: “If we have one message for the world today, it is this: do not stop now.”

Since his supportive Labor Day remarks in Brattleboro, Senator Sanders publicly renewed his commitment to a WPR at least twice. In March, he vowed with 3 Representatives to introduce a WPR if Biden did not. In June, the House introduced their version, citing Biden’s promise to “make clear that America will never again check its principles at the door just to buy oil or sell weapons.” Sanders said he’d introduce the Senate companion when the upper chamber reconvened. That date has come and gone.

His introduction of a companion WPR in the Senate is crucial in the coming days, before President Biden’s July trip to Saudi Arabia. Congressional pressure on the Saudi regime is needed now to protect the fragile truce and make clear they will not have U.S. support for re-starting the war. Senate introduction and Congressional passage of a Yemen WPR could do just that.

Vermonters are asking Senator Sanders to follow through on his pledges. There is only one Bernie in the Senate. We need his help now to end the Saudi war in Yemen for good.

MaryDiane Baker


Volunteer Action Corps Organizer

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