Pictures of Bush?

Today, a friend sent me a set of photos taken on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. I have seen them before.

The pictures depict the Texas Book Depository, and purport to show GHW Bush standing in front.

It looks very much like him.

I can’t say it’s him. I have no proof. I can’t even say the pictures are genuine.

However, if it IS him, I have to ask “what the hell was he doing there?”

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  • It was Bush

    He was waiting for Ted Cruz”s father.

  • A local connection

    Bush Sr. visited Brattleboro many years ago. Part of a handful of presidential types to pop by the ‘boro over the years.

    I heard he was booed at the train station.

    Anyone around here see him when he came? Have details to share?

  • Bush denial

    CIA documents show an operative named George Bush who was an there at the time. His official response when questioned was that was “a different George Bush” that worked for the CIA at the time. The Cruz connection is much more tenuous, even though the exiled right wing Cuban community was used as CIA assets, but there is no documentation that I’ve seen suggesting Rafael Cruz was an operative.


    We deprecate Putin, saying he was a member of the KGB, but we forget that Bush was director of the CIA.

    KGB-CIA? Same circus, different clowns.

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