Free – E-Bike Demo – Saturday Aug 10th 3-6pm – at West Hill Shop in Putney VT

See an assortment of e-bikes, try one – experience the joy of e-bikes! Learn about e-bike kits, and how easy it is to install one on your bike.  Meet e-bike owners and hear their stories. Check out the cargo bike of the future from VBIKE. Learn about e-Bike rebates – yes, rebates!   And…

Meet the PEBL – The Micro-Car eBike For A Sustainable Future. The PEBL is a micro-Car eBike designed to be your local transportation solution. With a 750 watt motor plus the option to pedal, we have combined the ease of a car or golf cart, with the exercising ability of a bike. Whether you want to replace your car, get back into your exercise routine, or just cruise around, you can bet that the PEBL will be with you.

Selectboard Meeting Notes – Day Work Program Coming, Landlords Facing Inspections

Brattleboro Selectboard June 2019

The Brattleboro Selectboard took up a full agenda, though with only three members present, they themselves were not quite full.

The big discussion of the evening centered on landlords and a new rental housing inspection system soon to take effect, but the exciting news came during public participation when it was announced that a day work program, legal and with dignity, will soon be getting started.