New Program at Youth Services Offers Community Conflict Support for All Ages

Have a conflict with a neighbor? Looking for restorative practices training for your group or business? Youth Services is pleased to announce a new restorative practices program, Circle Up, to provide community conflict support through circle facilitation and training in restorative practices, starting next month.

In 2021, the Brattleboro Community Justice Center merged with Youth Services’ Restorative Justice programs. “Over the years we frequently received requests for these kinds of services, but haven’t had enough staff to respond to most of them,” explained Mel Motel, formerly the  Brattleboro Community Justice Center Executive Director and now co-director of Youth Services’ Restorative Justice programs.

“We’re excited to finally be able to offer this new program, with a seasoned staff member taking on the role, at a time when community members are still navigating the stresses and tensions heightened by the pandemic with fewer resources,” Motel explained.