Brattleboro Gravel Road Warning Sign System

DPW will continue inspecting and reporting the conditions of Brattleboro’s gravel roads during mud season as we did last year.

The updated report will not be sent daily as in past years. Starting in the coming days, you will see a sign at the beginning of each gravel road. The sign will have a color-coded section that indicates the current condition of the road and QR code that will take you directly to Maps-on-line for the conditions of all roads.  Instead of waiting for all of the roads to be checked to report each road be entered immediately which should speed up the reporting significantly.  Attached is a press release explaining the new procedure.

Brattleboro Department of Public Works – Gravel Roads Warning

With warmer temperatures forecasted for the next few days, the Department of Public Works is expecting areas where deterioration will occur on some of our gravel roads.  Crews are conducting daily checks of the gravel roads and have completed work in preparation for this temperature swing.  Motorists who travel on the gravel roads should expect for areas of deterioration through the weekend.  We urge limited travel on these roads by vehicles, especially larger, heavier trucks which will allow residents safe access and the Town’s crews to keep these roads passable.