Three Week Closing of Parking Garage First Floor

The first floor (lower level) of the Brattleboro Transportation Center (parking garage) will be closed for three weeks from Sunday, May 16 through Saturday, June 5, 2021, in order to make repairs to that floor of the structure. The Flat Street entrance/exit to the Transportation Center will be closed to all traffic. Vehicles will be allowed to enter and exit through the Elliot Street entrance only. All vehicles must be removed from the first floor of the BTC by 9:00pm on Saturday, May 15, 2021. 

Elevator Repairs – Brattleboro Transportation Center 

The elevator at the Brattleboro Transportation Center was taken offline at the end of October, 2019 following an act of vandalism which destroyed the communications equipment within the elevator and rendered the unit out of compliance with applicable building safety code. The cab of the elevator was already scheduled for replacement in the FY20 Parking Capital program and so rather than repair the damage the decision was made to initiate the cab replacement project. 

Brattleboro Selectboard Agenda and Notes – December 4, 2018

Is Dozer a dangerous dog? Must Dozer be contained, leashed and muzzled? The Chief of Police says yes, the owner says no, and the Brattleboro Selectboard will get to decide at their next regular meeting on Tuesday.

The DPW will begin looking at options for improvements to their facilities on Fairground Road, the shiny discs on the parking garage will become a permanent installation, SeVEDS will review their year and ask for money, the Assessor’s Office will talk FY20 budget, and the board will approve some grants. You can bring up other items, of course, during public participation.

Selectboard Meeting Notes : The Parking Garage, Safety, and a Pause on Vehicles For Hire

The parking garage, a.k.a. the Brattleboro Transportation Center, had center stage at Tuesday’s meeting of the Brattleboro Selectboard. Is it safe? Is it energy efficient? Is it bright enough? Should we add a permanent art project? How big is that ceiling? Is there something we can do instead of paying half a million for reflective paint? These are the issues of the day.

There was quite a bit of public discussion throughout, new energy projects were approved, and the vehicle for hire ordinance is on hold. But really, it was mostly about the parking garage.