Beginner’s Hunyuan Chen Style Taiji Quan Class in Dummerston, VT

Beginner’s Hunyuan Taiji Quan is a 14 week series that introduces the principles of alignment, balance, correct movement, qi (vital energy) cultivation. Each week participants will learn a new movement of the Hunyuan 12 movement taiji quan form. Through dedicated practice, students will complete the form by the end of the series.

Participants will also learn chan si gong (silk reeling) exercises to help open and relax the joints while simultaneously nourishing the vital qi and blood of the body. All are foundational practices to re-condition the mind/body connection, deepening one’s capacity to relax, release stress, improve balance, and build core strength.

New class series starts Friday September 4th!

Fridays 9am-10:15am

Dummerston Grange : Dummerston, VT

Cost: $250 (new students)

Please note that all students must preregister before the start of the first class. This will secure your spot. The class fills up quickly so sign up early.

Payment Options:

Send a check to:

Thomas Garbarino

P.O. Box 827

Putney, VT 05346


pay with paypal online

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