Kickstarter Campaign to Help Light Up Guilford Center Stage

Guilford Center Stage is a new project of Broad Brook Grange in … Guilford Center!  We will be presenting occasional theatrical productions on the little stage there, with the first show scheduled for Columbus Weekend.  Currently, and for the past half century, the stage is lit by a sad trio of 75 watt floodlights: Not real stage lighting!

The Grange is able to absorb the modest costs of the production, which we hope will be covered by admissions.  But one more costly item is the acquisition of a small theater lighting system, which will light up this show and be ready for future events.

We are hoping to raise the $1,750 needed through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign online.  You’ll find more info and the opportunity to make a pledge using the link below.  Thanks!

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