Free Diversity Day Film Screening: I Am From Here

Join us at 7 pm on Thursday, May 2nd as we present a FREE screening of the movie: I Am From Here, in honor of Diversity Day.

This is an instructional film, originally created for public school staff, teachers, and administrators in Vermont. It was commissioned by the Vermont-NEA Racial Justice Task Force in collaboration with the National Education Association. Bess O’Brien from Kingdom County Productions produced the 30-minute film. She interviewed parents, community members, educators, and students from Vermont. Bess filmed their accounts of living in and going to school in Vermont. These accounts reflect the views and experiences of many people of color around the state. The film will be shown to public school employees, followed by discussions using the accompanying discussion guide. This film and the virtual toolkit “Advancing Racial Equity in Vermont’s Public Schools” will support actions by schools and communities to address racial disparities, bias, and other issues of equity regarding students and staff of color.

This will be screened downstairs in the Main Reading Room, and is wheelchair accessible.

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