I just heard via NPR, that a single admission to Disneyland costs just $209, 00.

Ain’t that just special?

Fear, not: It still costs only $25.00 for parking.

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  • It is expensive, but...

    NPR isn’t quite right.

    Go to the Disneyland site and click on tickets for a single day, single admission and you will see a range from about $104 to $154. (as of today)

    Stay for 5 days and it drops below $80 a day.

    It looks as if they have some sort of dynamic, demand-based pricing going on, probably to control crowds. Perhaps there are days when it gets up over $200, but it isn’t all the time.

    Parking is $25.

    For comparison….

    – For $200, you can get a pass to Canobie Lake to go every day of the season. Daily ticket prices aren’t listed yet for this year. Parking is free.

    – Six Flags New England charges about $73 per ticket per day. (They currently have a sale on season passes – about $80) Parking is $25.

  • Grotke isn't quite right

    Upon further inspection, ticket prices for peak days will go up to $209. Not every day, but some days. I spoke too soon.

    Theme park folks say it is because some people will pay anything to go there, but also that this isn’t a “big” increase compared to other years.

    I suggest watching the free, live streaming videos of OTHER people going that are on YouTube. : )

    If you do go, though, bring me park maps and brochures. I collect ’em.

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