A Heavenly Report from the Latchis

The Latchis Theatre construction project is making great strides, with exciting developments everyday.

The Heavenly portion of the program is complete… and completely magnificent.

Before we leave The Heavens, here are some final images from above the staging.

The ceiling is smooth and whole.

The crew from Evergreene Architectural Arts attaches the fabric.

Signs of the zodiac are arrayed.

The staging comes down to reveal The Heavens as we knew them.

And now, guess what? That’s the last Heavenly peak before our Grand Re-Opening with Ken Burns on October 19 at 7:30. You’ll have to come see it to believe it!

Next stop: The Earth!

Grand Re-Opening with Ken Burns

Ken Burns will re-open the theatre with a screening and discussion of “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. 1933-1939 The Road Ahead.” He chose this episode because it intersects with our 1938 Latchis. How perfect.

Tickets are $40 at the door, Brattleborotix.com, or at the Latchis Hotel desk.

Thanks and cheers ’til next time,


PS The countdown is really on! Only $44,000 to go. You can help by sending a check or donating at latchisarts.org. Every donation makes a huge impact at this crucial time!


Gail Nunziata | Managing Director | Latchis Arts Inc.
50 Main Street | Brattleboro VT | 05301
802.254.1109×3 | gail@latchisarts.org

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  • Good to see

    Fixing up the Latchis has come such a long way, and the cumulative effect of all the improvement projects is resulting in a gorgeous, like-new art deco theater.

    I know a lot of the work has been less glamorous, but seats and ceiling fixes should make the place shine like opening day.

    It might be fun to get some public domain classic and show them free during weekday hours to let people walk in and see the new room once it is finished. It would be a way to make some extra donations and even some snack bar revenue. There might be tourists who can’t stay for a full movie, but might drop some change in a bucket to watch something for a few minutes in a gorgeous, restored theater.

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