“We Need to Re-Connect with Nature!” – Wayne P. London, M.S., M.D.

“We Need to Re-Connect with Nature!”

“I’m ‘wired’ for visionary thinking — though I’m good at mathematics and abstract ideas, I have enough deep compassion to speak out and say, ‘this is not working; we’re out of touch with ancient and deeply spiritual ideas’.

“So I’m a ‘doc’, helping sick people get better, but I’m also a teacher, reminding people of forgotten and misunderstood history, practices, wisdom, and lore.” 

Wayne P. London M.D., whose oil portrait by Brattleboro artist William H. Hays (at right) will be displayed in the front window of the new Angel Boy Gallery, next to Shin La Restaurant, during the month of May, 2015 and as part of the Friday,  May 1 Gallery Walk.

Wayne P. London M.D. is a Brattleboro psychiatrist formerly serving on-staff at the Brattleboro Retreat (1981–1985), and on the faculty of Dartmouth Medical School (1981-95). Educated at Harvard Medical School (1965), and holding a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, he has published dozens of scientific papers on alcoholism, breast cancer, dyslexia, left-handedness, full-spectrum light deprivation, and other health topics.

In 1994 Dr. London radically shifted the thrust of his research, beginning investigations into theories and practices of metaphysical and spiritual healing (M.A.S.H.) and attracting colleagues and adherents — whom he genially refers to as the ‘Brattleboro M.A.S.H. Unit’ — who assist and support him in his work. They are engaged in six fields of research:

1.   Sustainable health care using prevention and healing approaches that cost little or nothing when compared to the conventional health care system;

2.   Parkinson’s Dis-ease (about 1.5 million people suffer from this ailment in the USA today).

3.   Alzheimer’s Dis-ease (an ailment which Dr. London says is on the verge of bankrupting our society);

4.   Epigenetics – the turning on and off of the genes in DNA;

5.   The Classic Seven-Path Labyrinth and The 3-[2-1]-4-[7-6]-5 Sequence – In Dr. London’s view, this is a 4,000-year-old “metaphor” found throughout the world which he believes may (A) explain the sequences of holidays in the Celtic/Christian/Jewish traditions, and (B) serve to ‘unlock’ ancient and natural healing principles and practices seldom-used and oft-misunderstood in the modern context.

6.   The Grid – Dr. London originated this theory, which assumes that each date – month, day, and year – has a metaphysical or spiritual pattern, and that a person’s life experiences reflect an ‘imprint’ of the conditions and influences present on their date of birth. He uses many of the practices, vocabulary, and symbols of Astrology to read, document, and interpret these, but nonetheless describes the Grid as “user-friendly”; not requiring astrologers’ or other professionals’ services. He further describes the Grid as a “research tool”, and is working with others to publish a book with the working title ‘A Brief Guide to the Grid’.

Some of Dr. London’s research findings and documentation can be accessed through his web site:


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