So, I did everything fine but got messed up by the submit/save/draft. Maybe we can make it just submit?

I hit Draft, then went to another page, backed up to see the story again, and ended up getting lots of errors. I think it was the backing up. So, I try this again.

First, hit draft. OK. That seemed to work, but I got no real feedback on what happened.

So, i checked my drafts and this and the other story are in there. So I clicked to edit this and came back to it, but there’s another blank story form above this one.

Now I shall try to save this story. It seemed to save and there was a check box next to the “draft” for a second. Not sure what I did, though I think I saved this draft without creating a new draft (which is an option)


Let’s submit this, just a title and story

Won’t do it, says I need to fill in the upper boxes, so I’ll try that. Also wants this one to have a category, which is good.

Submitting again…

Nope… “required field” errors when the fields are ok. I think this was submitted though, and bet it is in the back end

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