Gypsy Wandering Soul Finds His Way Home

We love wandering the globe
and wondering.

Paris, Nepal, Russia,
Cairo, friends in Santiago, Chile,
canoeing down the Amazon,
hanging out in Guatemala,
points North, South and
however the wind spins.

Community projects in
the Dominican Republic
or art projects in Chile

but come the Spring
my compass points true
to the mountains of Vermont.

Months away traveling the
globe and in the early light
of Spring we find our way
home ward by the fireside.

All the places on this journey
are kindling to my
imagination and longing.
Stories come alive of
Don Juan the Gardener,
New Orleans and Mardi Gras,
music on Frenchmen’s street,
canoeing in the Bayous,
the melodies of the morning birds
in Antigua.

Each one of these are
new colors to my soul,

silk Saris blow in
acres of colors in
the markets of Benares…

the exquisite explosion
of Mayan fabrics in
the streets of Antigua

then come the first light
of Spring, we journey home,
the woodlands of Carolina,
pine forests and cypress,
in Virginia the cherry blossoms
in first bloom, snow on
the mountain peaks, and
at long last the Green Mountain
comes into view. Cool wind
blowing as the lights to home appear.

I sit by the fireside, drink tea,
and do nothing but gaze out to the
woods and pond that unfurl like
a beautiful reverie.

A reverie come to life, while
I drink tea and remember this
gypsy journey that brought
me home.

Home to blue heron pond.

Namaya 28 March 2018

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