Brave New World Order

Back in my college days, like many of my contemporaries, I read a number of “Dystopian” novels such as 1984 & Brave New World.

I remember one, set in the near future (like…now) in which the entire world was “Owned” by five (5) corporations, and they were all Insurance Companies.

In order to minimize claims, they created a NWO, a total security system controlling everybody and everything so that nothing ever happened.

I’d like to re-read it and compare it with what some seem to see our global system leading toward. Does anybody remember such a book?



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  • Intrusion

    I was going to guess Ken MacLeod’s “Intrusion”, but I think it is a more recent book.

  • Another guess

    “Culpa Innata” by B. Barmanbek is another similar recent book, but…

    My guess now is “Preferred Risk” by Edson McCann, Lester del Rey, Frederik Pohl – 1955.

    • Bingo!

      By Jove, I think ‘e’s got it! (Said with a cockney accent):

      THE COMPANY ruled the world. The Company was a powerful, efficient, and monstrous organization that “scientifically” regulated everything in life: war, epidemics, one-a-day food pills, and test-tube sex, all through the use of its patented, terrifying human deep-freeze vault.
      “Edson McCann” was a collaborative pseudonym used for this novel — and ONLY for this novel — by Pohl and DelRey

      Brand New! $41.11 + $3.99shipping (Also available from Kindle).
      (A little bit high for my taste. I was able to buy an old, but unused copy for $5)


  • Sounds Dickian

    Don’t know the canon by heart, but could be Philip K. for sure.

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