Sackett Reading at Brooks Memorial July 17

Hello everyone!

Next Wednesday, the 17th at 7pm I will be reading from my historical novel Sackett at the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, and discussing the context of First Nation and colonial culture along the frontier of New England. Slideshow and refreshments included. Free.

You are all invited. Some enticement follows:

An untold story of Massachusetts and Vermont

Who is Sackett?

A lost hero of the Abenaki.
Born of an abducted little girl gone native.
Grandchild of Greylock.
Enemy of the British.

-An Historical Novel-
1682 – 1763

Reading at
Brooks Memorial Library
July 17 at 7 pm

“Stuart Strothman has written…

…an engaging and balanced retelling of the 18th century wars which created New England and America out of ancient indigenous peoples’ homelands. It includes not only the horror of the warfare and enmity between the English/Yankee newcomers and the Abenaki; this vital novel explores the depth of enduring connections between peoples, which is the true legacy of that time period.

From familiar place names to the many traditions which have become a central part of rural, northeastern life, this work illuminates the shared landscape, relations, and hidden histories of cooperation which still provide the cultural backbone of American society.”

-John Moody

The Winter Center for Indigenous Traditions

…an Abenaki story to add to the historical fiction of New England – a genre in which Native
people rarely appear as believable characters – and shows that in the Connecticut Valley as in many
other regions of early America, Indian and English lives and family histories intertwined.”

-Colin Calloway

Dartmouth Professor of History and Native American Studies

…with a keen eye and cultural sensitivity, careful descriptions of Alnobak/Abenaki culture, colonial
history, and the Northeast’s landscape. He sympathetically describes the Native peoples’ struggles
to survive in a rapidly changing world.”

-Laurence Hauptman

SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History


– Stuart Strothman

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  • Sackett

    I somehow thought that this meant that someone had figured out a way to revive Louie L’Amour. Boy I did love those early books and hoped for another.

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