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Happy Holidays!

Beautiful children’s music and CD track that you can listen to for FREE. Whether child or adult it is delightful! Enjoy!


For those who had enjoyed and purchased the Celebrate Life and CDS thank you. This is a convenient way to shop and send some holiday love. You can read samples on the links below along with reviews.

Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida is now available on Kindle and Amazon.com 

Please click on the link above. Also, the books, Thirst: A novella of Redemption and Journal of the Plague: Living and working with AIDS are also completed.

http://amzn.to/2sK94Q9  – Celebrate Life Kindle and print book.

Audio Tracks and CDS: Celebrate Life

The children’s CD: Listen for Free!


Also, Vermont My Home: Green Mountain Radio Hour: 100 Flowers of Peace CDS and downloads can be found at https://namayajazzpoetstoryteller.bandcamp.com/

The books can be ordered through your local book stores at Art Rageous and Everyone’s books.

I support
independent book stores, however, the Amazon and Kindle platform provides the greatest ease for people to access the books. The books are published under the VERMONT ART POETRY PRESS.

Also, the books are available in Kindle. We have priced the books as low as we can and a portion of the proceeds go to support www.gracecares.org and the b4 Peace Projects www.namayaproductions.com

Celebrate Life Review In Brattleboro Reformer

” Some of the poems and stories make you giggle, others
make you feel regret, but they all make you think, and they have a common thread of prodding the reader to take the time to notice the simple things — told with subtle humor and vivid imagery.”  Cicely Eastman -Editor Reformer

“Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida -Stories, poems, and songs that celebrate life, love, travel, relationships, and his neighbors told by the renowned story teller Namaya who is described as a “A Vermont Treasure.” by Vermont Life Publisher David Haskins
As a world traveler he gathers his poems and stories from his journeys through life — from the majestic elegy of “Orlando” to the ordinary mysteries “What happened to the other sock?” to the hilarious misadventures in home repair.

As the poet Wendy Baez Brown said, “The joy flowing through these poems and stories is contagious. As you read this book, you will be immersed in the belief that our lives are precious and glorious, to be savored and shared. Namaya’s quirky sense of humor shines through these pages as well as a profound curiosity about human beings and an appreciation of each moment he gets to have with us..”

Seven Days Magazine – “Namaya is a modern day Thoreau in a world gone mad.”

Vermont Standard “Down home storytelling!”

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  • A wonderful endorsement!

    What a lovely compliment: “Namaya is a modern day Thoreau in a world gone mad.”

    I wonder if Namaya would be so kind as to provide link, as I would love to read the entire article where that quotation originally appeared.

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