You Were In My Dream

Monday morning I woke up having just experienced a lucid dream.

I had just come out of a large building. It was in a city (I have been dreaming of being in big cities lately).  I realized that I was dreaming.  

I looked at my surroundings. Everything looked so real even though I knew it was a dream. I did not want to lose this dream, which can happen if you get too excited about knowing that you are in a lucid dream. So I started to look at the ground, thinking that by focusing on something mundane I can keep things on an even keel and the dream will continue.

I kept shifting my gaze, which is something I have learned helps to maintain a lucid dream. I looked at the grass, then I would shift my gaze to the concrete walkway that I was standing on right next to the grass. I noticed the patches of soil where no grass was growing.

Then I got a great idea, something that I have never tried before, something that I have never even thought of. It occurred to me that, in a lucid dream, I should be able to change the color of my shirt just by deciding to do it. I do not recall what color my shirt was, but it was somewhat of a drab color.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on changing the color of my shirt to red.  I opened my eyes: The shirt was now red.

Then I changed it to green.

At some point I must have walked to the street, because I ran into you and we walked together on this city street. I told you that I was having a lucid dream and could change the color of my shirt.  I demonstrated it. I felt that you found it interesting, maybe fascinating.

Then I really showed you something:  I closed my eyes and concentrated on changing my shirt from a solid color to stripes.  I opened my eyes and checked to see if I had succeeded. My shirt now had wide, horizontal white and blue stripes!

Funny thing is, I knew that I was dreaming, but thought that you were awake. You don’t remember any of this, do you?

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