Dar Tavernier on “Here We Are”

2024 GOOD FOOD AWARD goes to TAVERNIER CHOCOLATES !! Congratulations Dar & John for First Place in Confections. Take a look at this show and hear all about how and why Tavernier is the best of the best.

Brian Cohen on “Here We Are”

“Art is long, life is short”. Whether with ink, paint, or words, Brian Cohen goes deeply into expressing his ideas and experiences; mark-making on canvas, metal and paper. He has visions to share and stories to tell.

Seventh Annual Writing Workshop to Benefit Moore Free Library in Newfane

The seventh annual Writing to the Light Writing Circle led by writer and educator Deborah Lee Luskin will take place in person on Sunday, December 10 at the Moore Free Library, 23 West Street, Newfane. The workshop will start promptly at 1 pm and end at 3:30.

At this annual end-of-year fundraiser for the Moore Free Library, writers of all kinds and all levels of experience are invited to reflect on the light in their life in a supportive writing circle. We will write to illuminate our inner light, honor our inner voice, and tell whatever stories rise to be told. Prompts and guidance for automatic writing will be provided. Collectively, we will create a safe space for those who wish to read their new words.

Hey Poet!

Hey Poet!

You don’t understand metaphors?
And you love walls,
Where you can take refuge,
And write of your unremitting pain,
Over rejection and separation?

Anatomy of a Tree Swing

No sooner did I divulge my affection for knots, that I came across this beautifully done, frankly irresistible, play thing. The setting being stunning only adds to the effect.

How was it done? What combo of knots? Such a simple thing made of a single run of rope and one piece of wood with a hole in its center. And let’s take note, this swing is made in such a way as to not harm the tree. How would you go about rigging a timeless item like this?   

The single line, around half inch in diameter, has an eye spliced into one end. Ok, that part is somewhat tricky to do. But you could get a similar effect with a bowline, it’d work the same way just be a touch less elegant. The line is heaved over the branch, the two halves made equal. Then the bitter end is put through the eye, and the whole thing is tightened-up. Note that no matter how much the branch expands, the loop will hold, grow with the tree, and not choke the limb.

WSEFM Board Meeting Notes- Spring 2023

Call to Order

Review and Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting

Item: Determine Matter of Proper Appellation 

Summary: It has been brought to the attention of the FM Board that there exists inconsistency in regards to the spelling of the Farmers’(sic) Market. In some instances there is no inclusion of an apostrophe. In other cases an apostrophe is between either a singular Farmer, or at times following a plural Farmer(s), and the letter “s”.  

A Self-Publishing Experiment: Jake Hill

Last week I talked about the lack of equality in the presentation of various art forms to the public. I find it particularly troubling that writers have to jump through so many hoops to just have people read their writing.

So I am trying an experiment using my platform, which reaches only a few hundred people at best. I have been writing because I feel compelled to in order to keep something in my inner spirit alive. I am resigned to the reality that very few people will read my writing.

Share Your March Snow Storm Story

I’m sure you have a tale to tell.  We all do.  And everyone likes hearing how others made it through the disaster.  Share it with everyone below…

We lost power, and internet, and water, and eventually even dial-up phone service here at world headquarters. It was an amazing amount of snow. Probably over two feet where we are. Lots of downed tree branches and wires throughout the region.

“Rhymes with Orange” Cartoonist Hilary Price Speaks at Landmark College, March 14

The Landmark College Academic Speaker Series welcomes syndicated cartoonist Hilary Price to campus on Tuesday, March 14 at 5 p.m.  in the Brooks M. O’Brien Auditorium, located in the Lewis Academic Building.

Price’s talk, entitled “How I Became a Cartoonist: A Study in Messing Up” will include insights about how she gets ideas for her award-winning comic strip “Rhymes with Orange”, makes comics and lives a creative life.

“Rhymes with Orange” debuted in 1995, making Price the youngest woman to have a syndicated comic strip. The strip is now done in collaboration with Canadian cartoonist Rina Piccolo. It appears in newspapers internationally, and has appeared in Parade Magazine, People, and in The Library of Congress.

Turkey Day

Harry had flown all the way from New England to visit his son, Larry, and Larry’s girlfriend, Charity. Today, Harry left his walker in the narrow hotel  room, barely wide enough to get past the bed if you wanted to look out the window or use the small sink. The walker would have been easier on the street, but hard to bring down the four flights. There was no elevator, the historic building was still as it had been during the gold rush of ’06. 

They were in the University District of this West Coast City, somewhat reminiscent of Portland, but bigger. Today was Thanksgiving, the street devoid of the usual crowd of students. Even the Vietnamese, Bubble-Tea places were closed. They had just emerged from the vegetarian Vietnamese buffet about a mile from Harry’s hotel, which fortunately was open today. 

Harry made good time with the help of his solid hickory cane. He enjoyed getting ahead of his progeny and progeny’s significant other in their 20’s. When Harry had gotten about 30 feet ahead so it was safe to talk privately, Larry said to Charity: 

Melany Kahn on “Here We Are”

Melany Kahn’s passion for foraging led her to write “Mason Goes Mushrooming,” a new book for children, with illustrations by Ellen Korbonski, and it’s just been published by our local publisher Green Writers Press.

Tune in to hear some great stories of Melany’s early years horseback riding overland in West Bratt, being a family mediator in town…….and wild foraging in the woods!

Beginners: Get Started! Fundamentals of Woodworking, May 20-22

Have you been wanting to get started with woodworking as a hobby or side business? Take the first step at HatchSpace! We have a terrific beginners intensive course starting on Friday evening of this week, our Fundamentals of Woodworking class with member and RISD graduate Martin Simpson.

This introductory course is designed to give beginner students an overview of the safe use of some of the most common machines and hand tools used in woodworking.

Making Flower Presses with Tom Bodett

Join writer, humorist and furniture maker Tom Bodett for a fun, collaborative workshop making flower presses.

Tom has designed a workshop format in which participants get to practice their woodworking tool skills by using them in a repetitive fashion. Together, the workshop participants will make twenty 5 1/2″ x 11″ flower presses. Each participant will take home 2 presses – just in time for spring and summer blooms.

Explore Traditional Japanese Kumiko

Join us at HatchSpace to explore this fascinating technique!

Kumiko is the Japanese technique of assembling wooden pieces to form patterns, without the use of nails or glue. The patterns range from very simple to very intricate. Kumiko panels can be used decoratively, to make lamps or screens and more.

Small World

It was a year like this one: very little snow in New England. All the local ski areas were hurting.

The Laurentians to our north, however, had plenty of snow.

Mt. Tremblant, 90 miles northwest of Montreal, was offering a ski week package and I decided to take advantage of it.