A “Printed” House?

This 3D Printer Builds 3-Bedroom Houses In 24 Hours

The 3D printer has taken the technology to a new level, using concrete as its medium. It could be the future of efficient, cost effective home building. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blyUdESHr-g



A new Industrial revolution is at hand…and it will be very different from the first one.

Artificial Intelligence (A-I) will eliminate the need for Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers within a generation!

I should say “Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers as we currently understand them”. They will still be around, but in far fewer numbers. The” heavy lifting” will be done by technicians wielding A-I computers.

As an example, a “patient” will visit some sort of clinic, where a tech will wire them up to a “machine” that will check virtually all bodily functions within minutes (we’re almost there now). The results will be processed using A-I and a report will be issued to a doctor. (Docs will STILL be in the loop). Voila!

We can see the beginnings of this in the legal profession right now: Lawyer bots take the hassle out of fighting parking tickets and property taxes — and could cost local governments real revenue – A new pain for cities. By Teke Wiggin Apr 5, 2018, 12:47pm EDT

The machine-built house will take its toll on Architects and Engineers as well as Carpenters and other construction people.

So, what about all the time we save? This is a biggie!

We can have a new “Golden Age” with the newly found leisure devoted to Art, Literature, Music, Cooking and other productive activities. Or the “Ruling Elites” may have other ideas such as population reduction. (They’re not gonna wanna give up their power).

Google “Georgia Guidestones”. Guideline #1 goes: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

FWIW, In his early years, David Rockefeller was active in the Eugenics movement.

So, which will it be?

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  • bright future

    “where a tech will wire them up to a “machine” that will check virtually all bodily functions within minutes (we’re almost there now)”

    The Apple Watch does most of this. Continually monitoring health functions and reporting back. (It’s one of the reasons I don’t want one…)

    There was also the AI story I did not too long ago here about the medical researchers who fed end-of-life patient data into a neural network, and the network could accurately predict when people would die. The researchers said they couldn’t tell how it did it, but it did. They hoped to get greater accuracy by expanding from data at 2 hospitals to all data everywhere.

    Large scale 3-D printing might be the answer to NYC tunnel troubles. Yes, it will kill unions and such, but we might get jobs building or fixing 3-D printers, right?

    You can get a small 3-D printer on Putney RD at BRW Electronics, fyi. 3-D printing meets (very) tiny house movement.

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