Halloween Costumes 2018

One of the casualties of our move away from Cedar Street is that we can no longer provide you with the full report on Brattleboro halloween costumes as we’ve done before. I’m not happy about it. I loved the yearly lists of creative output by our younger residents.

It’s going to be up to you as individuals to make note of the costumes this year, and here’s your space to do it. If you see anything wild or wonderful, let us all know.

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  • Pumpkinhead

    My neighbor’s grandson had a real pumpkin on his head. Carved and fairly well hollowed out by his mother, he said it wasn’t heavy or uncomfortable. Looked good, too!

  • A few

    I saw a few costumes on Main Street. A tiny dragon of sorts, some princesses, a witch, and best of all was a crazed dinosaur running around at about 9 pm. The dinosaur was at High and Main and looking in restaurant windows, and following people around (politely, of course.)

    Any others to report?

  • Missed

    I checked in Late Wednesday night to catch the annual Costume report, and remembered that you had moved. We are in a location where children do not venture on Halloween. I have nothing to add about the Brattleboro visitors except a thank you for the years which you brought us so much with your list of wonderful weirdness and delight. I did get to help make costumes, hearing that bats, dogs, aliens, and action figures were in style and lots of face paint. Sparkly face stickers were popular this year too.

    • Thanks for the update

      I wish someone would have made the list. Not that hard to do, like most story writing.

      We were doing our Wednesday radio show – and would have missed them even if we hadn’t moved.

      I heard about a (very) junior selectboard member wearing a pumpkin costume…. : )

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