What Are We Seeing?

Concept by DFK-B

Photo by SK-B

Submitted by MarkTwain©

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  • Tiny photo

    Can’t the photo be larger so as to show better?

  • Photo

    It depends on what we are looking for. I downloaded the photo and imported it to lightroom. A carriage house or barn at the back of a house. Trees and shadows. A white object laying on the ground along with other wood pieces. Could be some staging set up on the side of the house.
    The window could use a good washing. Photo is very unclear between the shadow and dirty window. The white areas including the object on the ground are overexposed with little detail. I am not able to see into the shadow area using lightrooms shadow slider, dehaze etc. A dirty window. There could be some detail DFK-B has in mind but not sure. A vent of some kind on the barn could mean it is being lived in. A piece of clothing next to the window and a dead fly. The tree angle does not look correct. Like it is growing out of the foundation but there is no detail at it’s base. Maybe it is being removed.

  • Photo Explained

    The photo shows the shadow of a tree, which in a photo taken earlier looked, not like a shadow, but like the actual tree. The photo I posted to ibrattleboro, shows the shadow on the left, and the actual tree on the right. Taken together, the tree looks 3 dimensional, compared with the shadow which in contrast is flat.

    I am thinking of it like Plato’s allegory of the people who see shadows of reality, but think they are seeing real life.

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