The Numbers Behind the Story of Juli Briskman Flipping Off President Trump

Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words.  In the beginning, according to the Book of Formation, which is similar to the story in Genesis, God merged the word and letter with the number. In Genesis, each verse begins: “And God said”. God speaks the world into existence over the course of six numbered days, before resting on the seventh day and making it holy. God begins each day by making a verbal command, “And God said”, then bringing something new into the world, from light, to water, to land, to stars, to the sun and moon, to plant life, to living creatures, etc., before concluding with his last creation, mankind, who is brought into existence in the 26th verse of the Bible, on the 6th day.

There are many different ways or ciphers to figure out the Gematria of a word or phrase. The English ordinal method a=1, b=2,c=3, z=26..etc  The English Reduction method: j ,the 10th letter becomes 1, k the 11th becomes 2 and.. z=26..2+6=8  The Reverse English ordinal method: a=26, b=25…y=2,z=1  and the Reverse Reduction method: a=8, b=7..etc..These follow the rules of numerology. The letter “S” is the 19th letter in the alphabet. In reduction “s” can also be 10 and 1.

On April 4th there was a story about Juli Briskman,a cyclist. She flipped off the Presidential motorcade, got fired from her job and then she filed a lawsuit against her employer. In Gematria , Briskman=33 in English Reduction (2+9+9+1+2+4+1+5=33), fired=33 (6+9+9+5+4=33) in English Reduction, lawsuit=33 in English Reduction(s=10) 3+1+5+10+3+9+2=33. “Flipping off” is  the word that is emphasized in the article, that equals ,181. 181 is the 42nd prime number. Briskman =42 in English Reduction (“s” as “10”)Fired=42 in English Ordinal. The day in question is 4/4/2018 a day with  46 numerology.(4+4+18+20=46)  “Flipping off” also equals 46 in Reverse Reduction. This happened on 4/4 or 44. Cyclist=44 in Reverse Reduction. In the story it mentions that she is a “Virginia cyclist”she flipped off “President Trump”. Why mention that she is a Virginia cyclist? Because of Gematria. Virginia Cyclist=180 in English Ordinal and 81 in English Reduction. President Trump=180 in Reverse Ordinal and 81 in Reverse Reduction.

Words are very important in these stories. But its just another coincidence. Go back to sleep everyone, nothing to see here.

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