“Stories” By The Numbers

It is well known that te media was and is being used by the CIA to plant “stories” in the news. Look up  Operation Mockingbird. In Gematria, the ancient practice of coding numbers into words, “stories”=33 in English Reduction. S=1, T=2,O=6, R=9,I=9, E=5, S=1..add them up and it equal 33. “mockingbird”=66 in English Reverse Reduction. M=5, O=3, C=6, K=7, I=9,N=4, G=2, B=7, I=9,R=9,D=5..add them up and it equal 66. 66 is 33+33. Stories are not only planted but they go by a code. A numerical code based on the Kabbalah. In the Book of Formation, a foundational text, similar to Genesis, it says that God merged the letter with the number.  This numerical code is still practiced today.

There are many ways of finding out the “Gematria” of a word,name or phrase. These different ways are called “ciphers”. They are all inter related. I will use the four base ciphers and the “S” exception. The English Ordinal is the alphabetic order. A=1 B=2 C=3..Z=26. Simply add the numbers together to find the Gematria of a word. The word “Fox” for example. F is the 6th letter, O is the 15th and X is the 24th. Added up it equals 45. The English Reduction method follows the rules of numerology. A=1 but Z the 26th letter is reduced to 8.  F =6 O=(1+5)=6 X=(2+4=)6. “Fox” in Reduction =18. The English Reverse Ordinal method is simply A=26 and Z=1. F=21 O=12 X=3..”Fox”=36 in Reverse Ordinal. The English Reverse Reduction method is simply the rules of numerology. A=8 now. F=(2+1)3, O=(1+2)3 X=3. “Fox” in the Reverse Reduction cipher is 9. The S exception is as follows. S is the 19th letter. 19 can be reduced twice. 1+9=10 and all the way reduced it equals 1 (1+0=1).

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There are so many stories that are coded with coincidentally the same numbers. Here are some that jumped out at me.


Scott Wilson died on 10/6/2018. A day with 54 numerology. 10+6+18=20=54.He was known for his role as Hershel Greene.Greene=54 in English Ordinal. He was born on 3/29/1942. A day with 74 numerology. 3+29+42=74.  The show he appeared on that the media is emphasizing is “the Walking dead”=74. From his birthday on 3/29 to his death was 191 days. 191 is the 43rd prime number. Scott Wilson=43 in English Reduction. It was also 6 months and 1 week or 61. Scott Wilson=61 in English Reduction with the “s” exception. “S” is the 19th letter in the alphabet and can be expressed as 10 (1+9=10) and 1 (1+0=1).  He also starred in “In the heat of the night”=86 in English Reverse Reduction He died with 86 days left in the year.

The remains of a 47-year-old ‘teacher’, Kristin Westra, were found October 5, 2018, a date with numerology of 33. 10+5+18=33. Teacher=33 in English reduction.  33 is the master teacher number in numerology. They found her in “October”=33 in English reduction. October is the only month with a Gematria of 33. She was 47. remains=47 in English Reverse Reduction. This happened near Portland, Maine=74 in English reverse reduction. 74 is the reflection of 47. She was found in Cumberland County..(C.C=33). Cumberland=93 in English Ordinal. She was found in Maine=93 in English Reverse Ordinal. Her name, Kristin Westra=93 in English reverse reduction.

Limousine accident kills 20. Death=20 in English reduction. Limousine=54 in English reverse reduction. This happened on a day with 54 numerology. 10+6+18+20=54. This happened in a town called Schoharie=86 in English ordinal. This happened on the 279th day of the year with 86 left. Limousine accident=86 in English reduction with “s” exception. Schoharie also equals 49 in English reverse Reduction. Limo=49 in English ordinal, accident=49 in English Reverse Reduction.

Why was Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed Saturday, October 6, 2018, for the Supreme Court? Everything is done by this code . October 6th leaves 86 days left in the year. Kavanaugh=86 in English Ordinal. Sexual assault=86 in English Reverse Reduction. Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual assault on October 6, 1991. Anita Hill=86 in English Ordinal. Thomas=86 in English Reverse Ordinal.

Chuck Schumer gets the last word of opposition before 3:30 PM EST Kavanaugh confirmation vote, October 6, 2018. Schumer=33 in English Reduction in October=33 in English Reduction at 3:30 or 33. Chuck Schumer=191 in English Reverse Ordinal. 191 is the 43rd prime number. Senator=43 in English Reverse Reduction. His full name Charles Ellis Schumer =303 in English Reverse Ordinal. 303 in numerology is 33. This happened 6 weeks and 6 days or 66 before Chuck’s 68th birthday. 66 is 33+33.Confirmation=137 in English Ordinal. 137 is the 33rd prime number. He’s a “Democrat”=137 in English Reverse Ordinal. Schumer is Senator from “NewYork”=33 in English Reverse Reduction.

Haiti had an earthquake recently.  It was a fitting date for an earthquake in Haiti. 10/6/18=34. Haiti=34 in English Reverse Reduction. 5.9 quake..or 59. The number 59 has been associated with black people. Haiti the first black nation in the Americas. Negro=59 in English Ordinal, Slave=59 in English Ordinal, Blues=59 in English Ordinal, Rasta=59 in English Ordinal and Motown records founded in ’59 and Michael Jordan=59 and Julius Erving=59 in English Reduction.

LAX first airport to allow marijuana as a carry on. Marijuana=88 California=88 in English Ordinal. Weed=17,37 LAX=17,37 in English Reverse Reduction and English Ordinal ,respectively. Los Angeles=37 in English Reduction

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats McGregor, October 6, 2018.

Khabib remains undefeated beating McGregor at UFC 229. In the end, it is de ja vu of Mayweather remaning undefeated, going 50-0 against McGregor. Undefeated=50 in English Reverse Reduction. McGregor=50 in English Reduction. 229 is the 50th prime  number and this fight was the main event for UFC 229.
Tickets went on sale August 17, 50-days before the fight, on the 229th day of the year.

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