Referendum Petition for Rescheduling the Windham South East School District 2021 Ballot

Referendum Petition for Rescheduling the Windham South East School District 2021 Ballot

Registered Voters can deliver Petition signatures in an envelope addressed to the Municipal Clerk’s Office into the black box at that says, “For Tax Payments” at the parking lot entrance of the Municipal building. 483 signatures, which is 5% of the current voter checklist of 9,651, are required.

Whereas the Municipal Secretary Jan Anderson and Clerk Hilary Francis were contacted on June 30th, 2020 to resolve the concern on proper responsibility of the WSESD 2021 Ballot Public Warning Notice listed on the official Municipal Calendar at:

With the only mention of the vote event is detail as:

“Windham SE School District Special Meeting

Tue 6/30/2020 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Windham SE Supervisory Union, 53 Green St, Brattleboro”,


The annual WSESD ballot vote was labeled as a meeting; this description wording misrepresents the intent and purpose of the event and misleads People who are unaware of important event specific information and implications. The calendar is a public educational service supposed to clearly communication and link people to additional relevant website sources such as,

As of July 2nd, the People involved with Municipal governance showed no evident effort of suffice timely management and the resulting obstructed votes are obsolete. The undersigned voters of the Brattleboro/Wantastegok Municipality hereby petition for rescheduling a properly warned WSESD 2021 Ballot pursuant of motioning a direct democratic public vote and all future ballot events to be fairly scheduled, warned, and accessible online to the public electorate; including nonresident commuters for work/study who may register in multiple regions regardless of greed card, nationality, felony, or identity status.





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