WSESD Climate Crisis Task Force Agenda and Minutes


Climate Crisis Task Force

53 Green Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301


The Windham Southeast School District Climate Crisis Task Force will meet remotely via Zoom at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15.

Meeting ID: 867 0634 6357

Passcode: 5mFRfw


I. CALL TO ORDER – Thomas Nolan, Task Force Chair

II. Approval of Minutes from July 21, 2020

III. Edit Proposal, Where Needed

IV. Discuss Implementation with Staff/Administration in Attendance


7-21-2020 Climate Crisis Task Force meeting


Thomas Nolan

Tim Maciel

Paul Smith

Howard Burrows

Stephen Dotson

Marilyn –

Kurt Daims

Called to order: 4:03PM

Group discussion of what to emphasize:

⁃ PAUL – Policy to implement

⁃ HOWARD – Increase education and connection to other organizations, strengthening this in action items, more ambitious

⁃ KURT – Reduce electronics purchasing, ending inter-mural sports due to transportation costs, more ambitious overall, more radical conservation, lower temperature goals

⁃ STEPHEN – Environmental Purchasing Policy, Rich Earth Institute – educational aspect for students as well

⁃ MARILYN – Green roofs, composting/soil management on site, regenerative soils emphasized

Discussion of more biodiverse green spaces.

Rich Earth Institute report from Tim.

Marilyn and Kurt added to Task Force

MOVED: Tim to bring this to Board and invite Rich Earth Institute to next meeting

Moved: TN

Seconded: TM

5-0 yes

Tim: bi-monthly meetings starting September?

Tuesday August 25th @ 4PM

MOVED: Tim to bring this to Board and invite Rich Earth Instutute

Moved: KD

Seconded: TM

5-0 yes


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