WSESD Communications Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Communications Council for the Windham Southeast School District


The Communications Council of the WSESD will meet Wednesday, January 20,

2021 at 12:00 Noon via Zoom:

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Meeting ID: 918 0081 4652

Passcode: Y7521F


I. Call to Order

II. Minutes Approval – December 16, 2020

III. Recognition of Visitors

IV. Working With Central Office

V. Progress on Board/Committee Email Subscription

VI. Integrating WSESU and Vernon

VII. Website Improvement

VIII. Superintendent Family Communication Accessibility

IX. Communicate Reach – Possible Ballot Question on Dissolving the School District

X. Communication Council Scheduled Meeting Needs

XI. Adjournment


Communications Council minutes – Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I. Call to Order – Michelle called the meeting to order at 12:10

II. Minute Approval – all council members voted to approve the minutes for November

18, 2020

III. Recognition of Visitors – David Schoales

IV. Agenda Additions/Changes – none

V. Progress on Email Sign-up Lists for Board and Committee Meetings – Distribution, Deadlines, Schedule

The form is nearly complete – members recommended spelling out the acronym WSESU and adding options to be notified of meetings for the EES Policy council and WRCC Advisory Board.

It needs an introduction to explain what it is for – Michelle wrote a draft.

Principals can send to families, Central office can send to all staff and media list, committee members can share on Facebook. We will ask for it to be sent when the new year begins The council discussed how to disseminate this form to the community outside schools. Some possible ideas were to add a link to the survey to WSESD Board meeting agendas or to the WSESU website.

Someone will need to be responsible for collecting data on a weekly or monthly basis to add to the email lists – possibly a clerical support person could be responsible for this.

It was recommended we get a district-owned email address set up for the Communications Council.

VI. Monthly Board Highlights Development

In addition to publicizing meetings, the committee would also like to increase public knowledge and understanding of actions taken by the board, such as policies reviewed or passed, recognition of service, and committee highlights. It was proposed that board recorder Wendy Levy could add a brief summary to the top of meeting minutes that could be shared on the website, social media, etc.

VII. Review Website Improvement Goals and Feedback – tabled until next meeting

VIII. Development of Communication Council Calendar – tabled until next meeting

IX. Leadership Council Support Update

The council suggested asking each council to assign a chair or parent contact person so that the parents can communicate across councils. Michelle will send an email introducing all the parent contacts. Emails inviting all parents need to include language that explains what the leadership council is. It should be an avenue for parents and teachers to have a voice/liaison to the school board about what is important and needed at each school. A board member needs to be in attendance at every meeting – can have a designated substitute if the board representative can’t make the meeting. Mission statement needs to be clearly conveyed to everyone.

X. Confirm and/or Amend Recurring Communication Council Monthly Meeting Schedule

All members voted in favor of continuing to meet on 3rd Wednesdays at noon.

XI. Determine Protocol for Communication Council “Voice” in Public Distributions tabled until next meeting

XII. Review Press Release Protocol – tabled until next meeting

XIII. Review Social Media Oversight

Robin will continue to share meetings as prompted by emails from Barb and COVID updates from Andy.

XIV. Adjournment – the meeting was adjourned at 1:53.

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  • Monthly Board Highlights

    “the committee would also like to increase public knowledge and understanding of actions taken by the board, such as policies reviewed or passed, recognition of service, and committee highlights. ”

    It would be quite simple for someone interested in getting the word out about something to write something here. Not only would it be read, but the story would be tweeted out to 1500+ – all interested in the Brattleboro area. This includes reporters, who would then get in touch to do more stories, and so on. The Communication Council can be publishing info every day of the week if they want to get information out to Brattleboro. Feed the local media ecosystem a bit and you’ll get returns on the investment.

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