WSESD Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee Agenda & Minutes


Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee

53 Green Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301


The 2020-2021 Windham Southeast School District Programmatic and Performance Equity Committee will meet remotely at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March

15, 2021 via Zoom:

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Meeting ID: 933 9179 6452

Passcode: 1Vq01E


I. CALL TO ORDER – Emily Murphy Kaur, Committee Chair

II. Approval of Minutes from February 8, 2021

III. Title 9: Final Policy Recommendation

IV. Consolidated Data Reports School-by School

V. Issue Tracker


WSESD Social Justice Committee

February 8, 2021

Members present- Thomas Nolan, David Schoales, Anne Beekman, Shaun Murphy. Jaci Reynolds.

Staff- Mikaela Simms, Liz Dimick

Convened at 4:30

Previous minutes from approved.

Language for ads and general communications- include link to the board’s Commitment on application materials. Will discuss with Andy and determine when to have the board talk about this. Thomas will contact Barb to get the Commitment posted in a more convenient location.

Students on hiring committees- can ask for nominations broadly- put it out for students to volunteer.

Community service credit available. Students are looking for people they want to work with. Will share with full board.

Next steps with REI

Still have to explore how we will utilize Mary and Dottie. Need to clarify how we will meet, amount of time, size and makeup of groups. Would prefer we all work together. Will discuss at next board meeting to include other participant groups in planning. Mikaela will develop some options with Mary and Dottie and share at board meeting.

For work with REI, we want to wait until we think we can meet in person. Thomas will contact them to begin initial planning.

Shaun asked if we might offer a Black History course at BUHS. Mikaela suggested Ethnic Studies approach. Holocaust course might be a good model. We will report on this conversation to the board.

Mikaela suggested African Studies if the desire is to focus on the Black experience.

Other- Essay Contest model from NAACP and Rutland schools. We could have a poster contest for elementary. We will meet with NAACP on Friday and expand the idea.

Adjourned at 5:11.

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