WSESD Climate Crisis Task Force Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Climate Crisis Task Force

53 Green Street

Brattleboro, VT 05301


The Windham Southeast School District Climate Crisis Task Force will meet in the Dummerston School Parking Lot and remotely via Zoom at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday,  November 2, 2021. Zoom is encouraged.

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Meeting ID: 879 4111 2958
Passcode: njQX4M


I. CALL TO ORDER – Thomas Nolan, Task Force Chair

II. Approval of Minutes from August 31, 2021

III. Receive an update from Paul Smith about progress on the Environmental Awareness and Responsibility policy that was adopted in May.

IV. Discuss work remaining for the Task Force.


Climate Crisis Task Force
August 2021 Meeting – 8.31.2021

Thomas Nolan
Kurt Daims
Paul Smith
Tim Maciel
Kerry Amidon
Steve Perrin
Django Grace
Michele Hood
Peggy Mayfield
Shawn Murphy
Matthew Betz
Hannah van loom
Nancy Goodhue

Called to order: 4:08pm
Discussion ensued regarding proposal to make a weekly “Climate Day” or a monthly one. Group came to a consensus that the day would lose its effect if weekly and that a monthly version would have more impact.
Paul Smith argued for mitigation of effects and finding what can be done within current structure.
Thomas argued for changing the structure due to the severity of the crisis.
Kurt argued that success could be found in changing the conversation even if it is not adopted now.
Tim stated that item #6, regarding a statement to the Vermont Climate Crisis Council, be taken up separately at the board level.
Discussion ensued about whether the question should be in a special election, or at the town meeting vote.

Motion: CCTF proposes to WSESD Board that 5 point ballot question be presented to voters at the budget vote
Moved: TN
Seconded: TM
Vote: Passes 4-2 (TN – Y; TM – Y; DG – Y; KD – N; HB – Y; PS – N)

Adjourned at 5:35pm

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